We just found out some news here at Skepticon HQ: A friend of ours recently passed away. Dr Victor Stenger was one of the first presenters that we reached out to when all of this started. Dr Stenger had a sharper approach to atheism than many inside the movement, and gave a voice to many people looking for an outlet.

He pushed us to new heights and urged us take our scientific understanding to a new level. Victor not only wanted to prove that people who believed in religion were misguided, he also wanted to educate them and try to give them an outlet to start to understand the world around them.

Victor will be missed and our thoughts go out to his wife.

Here is Victor’s talk from Skepticon 2:

For More information on Victor, our good friend Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist, wrote an article where he reached out to some of the people that knew him the best.

Good Bye Victor, Thank you for believing in us even before we understood what we were doing.

You can also find out more about Victor from Wikipedia or from his website.


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