The secret we mentioned last week is revealed as (drumroll please…….!) a COSMIC ART SHOW!!!!!! In addition to jewelry and speech-craft at Skepticon 7, “Surly” Amy Davis Roth is organizing the FIRST EVER Planetary Science Art Show, which promises to be SUPER DUPER AMAZING for us artsy & sciency loving attendees!

Amy just put out the official call to artists on her webpage, and details on the exhibit space! We all get to have an educational and inspirational art show just a few feet away from the Main Hall, so there is ZERO reason to miss it if you’re an attendee!!!! Be there or be cosmically square!

If you’re an artist, who would like to participate, please click here for Amy’s regulations and more information about the SUPER COSMIC theme! As always, if you’re excited about the stuff we dream up, please donate so we can make it happen!

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