Donate-DinoDear Skepticoners,

One of our most amazing sponsors this year is the Kansas City Atheist Coalition (KCAC). From their website:

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization. Our mission is to advance atheism through activism, philanthropy, education and the cultivation of a positive secular community.

Inspired by the strides that local leaders have made in the community and with the encouragement of American Atheists leader David Silverman, several leaders in the Kansas City atheist community decided to form a nonprofit organization to encourage greater unity, outgoing activist efforts and charitable outlets for members. Above all, we want to offer our members a community of like-minded people while at the same time giving the public an opportunity to learn from us as “out” atheists.

We couldn’t be happier for their support in making this year’s Skepticon happen and highly encourage all of you to head over to their Facebook or Twitter and give them some Skepticon love!


Many, many thanks to a great sponsor!

The Skepticon Team


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