No, seriously, we really want to know why three hundred and forty-one of you Skepticonites think Skepticon is worth it! Until we sat down and counted all of you that donated in 2014, we didn’t realize just how many of you there were that think Skepticon 7 is important enough to spend money on! We are SO CLOSE to hitting $30,000.00 that we’ve started picking up sympathetic vibrations!!! It’s like our fluorine is ready and waiting for your francium!!! We’re so close we’re nearly touching like Michaelangelo’s “Creation of Man”!!!!! You get the idea.

We know that some people donate because they feel it’s important to promote scientific education in the “buckle of the bible belt”. And we would certainly guess that a lot of you who have donated to Skepticon because they are attending and feel like they’re paying their way. We’ve even hypothesized that some of you do it because you’re tired of hearing us beg. (that’s not what this post is about, though if you REALLY want to, we certainly won’t stop you from donating lol)

As organizers we certainly donate a lot of our time, and we do it because it gives us a sense of purpose or meaning. We do it because it’s really amazing to see how happy you all are- it’s like being Santa Clause (only real)!!!!!! It feels really good to give back to our community, and to think that we’re making the world a better place for a whole lot of people.

So why do YOU donate to Skepticon? Warm fuzzies? Total altruism? Giving back for a great past experience? Comment on our blog, tweet at us, shoot us a Facebook message!¬†We’d love to know what makes you tick!!!! Just like a proton, we’re positive that the more you tell us, the better we can make the conference experience for you! Thanks for putting up with the art & science jokes, hopefully they were periodically funny…


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