EvolveFish, one of our mostest favoritest vendors, wants to help your secular group thrive! If you’ve always wanted to have a table at Skepticon (where tons of like-minded people will have an opportunity to see what you’re made of, or what you’re selling) but you’ve never had the “start-up” money for it, EvolveFish wants to help! They want to give away a Skepticon 7 Vendor Table to the most deserving secular group!

EvolveFISH’s “Who Wants to Catch the FISHy Table?” Table-Give-Away Written and/or Video Essay Contest

WHO CAN ENTER!?!? – a secular group…

A)      Run by individuals under the age of 30.

B)      Dedicated to representing other secular youth (and young adults).

C)      Growing with active members.

HOW DO WE WIN!?!?! – write  an essay that’s no more than one “8.5 x 11” page OR create a 3 minute video with the following theme:

“How will we little fish be able to make BIG waves if we have a vendor table given to us?” (i.e. “Our reasons for deserving a free table at SK7”)

Please answer the following in your essay/video:

A) What’s the name of your group, how did you start in the secular world, and why did you start a secular group in your geographical area?

B) What are some of the goals your group will set if you have a table at Skepticon 7?

C) What do you see yourself and your group doing in the future for atheists, humanists, skeptics, etc?

Extra credit:    What music do you listen to the most and why?  OR   What’s your favorite beer, wine, or spirit and why?

If you meet the criteria and want to enter your essay/video for review by EvolveFish, please send all necessary information to Margaret from EvolveFish at [email protected]  by 11/12/14. EvolveFish will select their winner and the winner will be contacted ASAP with information.



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