All the cool  kids are pre-ordering Skepticon 7 T-Shirts! You can be cool too! Pre-order your shirt in the next few weeks and we’ll have them shipped by the beginning of November. The only way of guaranteeing yourself a SK7 shirt is to pre-order one.

In a moment of unusual seriousness, we have to say that in the last few years we’ve ordered far too many and ended up giving some of them away as prizes and donating the rest to a local homeless shelter. While it’s awesome to use the extras for prizes or helping the needy, we’d prefer to put our time and money into cooler prizes like Cards Against Humanity box sets and sponsoring lifesaving blood drives. In an effort to cut excess spending and keep the conference as cheap as humanly possible, we won’t be ordering as many shirts this year. While we do plan to have a small handful at the event, you run the risk of missing out if you don’t pre-order.

Back to our normal standard of silliness…..  You may think you’re cool. But if you don’t have the latest Skepticon t-shirt to wear, YOU’LL NEVER BE KARLEY-WEARING-A-DINO-MASK-AND-SKEPTICON-SHIRT LEVEL OF COOL!!!!!!

Karley Johnston in SK6 shirt

Special thanks to Karley for sharing her SK6 shirt with us. Also, we seriously don’t know how we’ve lived this long without owning dinosaur masks.

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