Check out Skepticon’s Shopify site! It’s been down for the count for a few months, but it’s back in action and stronger than ever! You superstars pretty much bought us out of t-shirts and glassware at the event itself (there ARE still a few shot glasses up for sale), but we have some things that we’ve never tried selling before! Go the distance, be a contender, buy some stuff!!!! Check out the merchandise montage!!!!!

The SIGNED SK7 Podium Banner  (OMGeeeez!!!)

Skeptiprom Glow Globes!

Skeptiprom Glow Globes painted by Surly Amy!

Skepticon 6 & 7 Banners!

P.S. If you want us to make more cool stuff with glitter and paint for SK8, you can also make a donation for the coming year’s fun!

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