It’s official, the Ramada Oasis Hotel and Convention Center is ENTIRELY OURS for the weekend! BWA HA HA HA HAaaaaa!!! We’re not really sure they know what they’re getting themselves into, but so far so good! This is great for us, because it means we have the run of the place, but not so great if you haven’t booked your hotel room yet. Wat do?

We have your back!!! We’re planning one of the coolest fundraisers we’ve ever done! Next week, we’re running a hotel room fundraiser: if you win, you can upgrade your room to one of the fancy schmancy Executive Suites if you are already staying at the Ramada, or you can get the option to reserve the ONE LAST ROOM in the hotel we held back for this purpose! Details on the fundraiser will show up soon!!! GET EXCITED!!!

If you’re not much of a gambler, you can book a room at one of the overflow hotels: the Drury Inn and Suites or the Holiday Inn & Suites. They’re right next door! At the Drury you will need to call for Jackie (she’s the GM) and and at the Holiday Inn you can call for Rachel Anderson. We weren’t able to lock in the Skepticon Discount, but tell them that your rate at the Ramada is $80.00 and see what they can do to get close to that. Good luck!

If you’re not going to participate in the hotel fundraiser, you can always donate today! We still have about $9,000 until our goal and ONLY THIRTY DAYS LEFT UNTIL SKEPTICON!!!!!

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