PZ Myers is definitely one of our more infamous cohorts. PZ (Which stands for Paul Zachary–thanks Wikipedia!) has been here since day one after we plied him with a pirate hat and beer. He regularly blogs over at Pharyngula and can be found at the University of Minnesota, Morris teaching the next generation about the biologies. Also, he hates crackers and loves squids–please do not confuse the two. He once rode a dinosaur, and he’s currently working on confirming that Skepticon is the largest free conference in the universe. He probably is riding around on his personal asteroid 153298 Paulmyers right now, trying to figure it out before Skepticon 7.

PZ is a self-identifies as an Evo-devo biologist, politically progressive, ferociously godless, proudly feminist, always ready to rage against ignorance. We describe him as a “curmudgeony peach”. We’re not entirely sure what that means. If you want to see him in action, head over to the Twitterverse and grab some popcorn. If you REALLY want to see him work his magic, come listen to his upcoming talk on molecular biology! If you love molecules, or biology, or pirate hats & beer, please help us get PZ to Springfield! We only have a few weeks to raise about nine THOUSAND dollars, so please help by donating today!


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