Cara Santa Maria has dedicated her life to improving science literacy by communicating scientific principles across media platforms. You probably recognize her from her weekly science podcast called “Talk Nerdy.” Science, education, and talkin’ nerdy? Cara is right up our alley!!! Her published research has spanned various topics, including clinical psychological assessment, the neuropsychology of blindness, neuronal cell culture techniques, and computational neurophysiology.

Cara previously worked as a co-host and producer on the Pivot TV nightly live television show, “TakePart Live.” Before that, she was the senior science correspondent for The Huffington Post and co-starred in “Hacking The Planet” and “The Truth About Twisters” on The Weather Channel.  She is also a regular contributor to “TechKnow” on Al Jazeera America and “SoCal Connected” on KCET.

She might be a little out of our league, but somehow we managed to convince her to come to Skepticon 7!!! Don’t let this opportunity go to waste just because we couldn’t make our goal of $40,000! We’re currently at $31,662, so we need to pull in $8,338 bucks in 24 days! Please donate today, ’cause Skepticon and Cara Santa Maria are totally worth it!


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