If you’ve been watching tv or listening to podcasts lately, you’ve probably seen Jamie Kilstein. And you’ve probably laughed your ass off! Jamie is coming to Skepticon 7 with his BFF John Frusciante to give us “Addicted to Friendship”, their unique mix of improv, politics and comedy.

Tim Minchin said that “Jamie Kilstein is at once irresistibly endearing and wonderfully audacious. Watching his work is like going to cuddle a puppy and having it hump your leg. But funnier.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!!!!  Besides The Conn O’Brien Show, MSNBC’s Up with Chris and Melissa Harris-Perry Show, Totally Biased on FX, and tons more, Jamie also co-hosts Citizen Radio with Allison Kilkenny (The Nation), which is dedicated to covering the stories that the mainstream, corporate media ignores. He’s co-authored #NEWSFAIL which was just published. You know you’ve totally made it when your latest CD, What Alive People Do, spends its first week released at number one on both the iTunes and Amazon comedy charts. Before totally making it as a multi-talented super star, he actually lived out of his car and dropped out of high school.

“Take that, life!” -Jamie Kilstein

If you want to see some bro-love/improv done by the amazing Jamie Kilstein (and super special guest John Frusciante), please help us get him to Springfield, MO by November! We’re pulling in donations slowly but surely! You guys have donated an amazing $26,757.00 towards our goal of $40,000.00, but Skepticon is less than 50 days away! Please help by donating today!

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