When Cherno Biko sent an email saying they wouldn’t be able to speak at Skepticon 7, we here at HQ kind of freaked out a little. OK, a lot. We were really excited to hear that speech and hang out.

However, once we recovered from the initial shock and got up off the floor to read the rest of the email, we realized that Cherno Biko had already lined up the perfect replacement: Kayley Whalen!

While we are pretty darned sad to miss out on Cherno Biko, Kayley Whalen sounds like everything we would hope and dream of in a speaker–Thanks, Cherno! Crisis averted! Check out her bio on our speaker page for more specifics and awesomeness.

Now that we’ve gotten this all figured out, we can get back to worrying about how we are going to feed the dinos this year.

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