It’s no new news among the Skepticon Community, but JT Eberhard is kind of a big deal these days. We were half tempted to not even worry about doing a speaker spotlight for him, but we didn’t want him to think we don’t love him with all our dark, black hearts…

Known for eating babies and destroying worldviews, JT Eberpants is the co-founder of Skepticon and has since moved on to doing all of the blogging and speaking gigs. JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and much, MUCH more.  He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer, and JT currently maintains a regular speaking schedule, blogging schedule, LoL schedule, and somehow fits in time for his lovely bride.

He’s working on his first book, which promises to be funny, educational, and full of scathing wit. Hopefully he finds more coffee so he can finish it before Skepticon 7. Regardless of the number of books he writes before November, he is known for making everyone cry with his speeches at Skepticon, so remember to bring your hankies!

If you would like your opportunity to participate in a good cry, we’ll have to be able to get JT to Springfield, MO. As of September 16, we’re at only 52% of our fundraising goal. While JT would probably show up for free anyway, we’d feel bad. It will cost us about $850.00 to pay for JT’s airfare, taxis, and hotel room so that he can speak at Skepticon. Pretty please, donate!!!!!

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