OMGGGGGGGGGGG you guys are amazing! You fantastic Skepticonites donated OVER ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS on the first day of registration!!!!! That’s HUGE! We are so overwhelmed with mushy feelings for all of you and how generous you are! To give you an idea of how much of an impact this has on Skepticon 7, the cool little slidey-bar-thingamagig went up 5% on the donation page in just one day! As of today, we’ve received over $8,000.00 towards Skepticon 7 out of the $40,000.00 goal. That’s almost enough to pay for the airfare for our speakers!

Step 1: Get Speakers to Springfield – NEARLY COMPLETE!

Step 2: Pay for venue so they have a place to speak: PENDING.

Step 3: Non-Profit Event!

If you haven’t registered, make sure you get over to the registration page ASAP. If you wonderful people keep donating at the rate you did today, we’ll be able to fully fund all the cool ideas we have for people who pre-registered! We mathed it out- if every attendee donated about $25.00 we would be able to do everything we’ve dreamed up for you all. If you’re not able to donate, that’s ok, we’re always FREE! We’d love to see you regardless of how much money you can give, and if you want to help out in other ways, let us know you’d like to volunteer at the event. ¬†GET HYPE!!!

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