I asked for help and you gave it.  A lot. I am so usually overwhelmed with the love and support shown by our wonderful community every day, but this day was more overwhelminger than usual. (A big thank you goes out to the SK7 speakers who took the time to help put the word out for help!) Skepticon 7 had donations come in for all sorts of different amounts, for a total of $1,017.00 just since this morning!!!! That’s almost half as much again as what we made during all of last week!!! We’re up by two percent in just a day! Keep it up! All of you donors who gave amounts in the triple digits are SO appreciated and will make our goal arrive in no time!!!! Thank you!!!!

The donors who gave five or six dollars each are the ones who made me, personally, get a little choked up. I KNOW you read my heartfelt request for help, and I KNOW you dug deep and gave as much as you possibly could, and that means SO MUCH to me. I know that not everyone has much money, myself included, and that’s why I (and my cohorts) work so hard to make running this conference as cheap as humanly possible. My extra special thanks go to you.

Ok… I’m going to stop here because I’m actually getting a LOT choked up as I write this. Again, thank you all, SO VERY MUCH for all you do to make Skepticon 7 a reality.

Hugs & Kisses,

Rebekah & The Skepticon Team

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