Hello again, Skepti-Town!

As we have had in prior years, we have a few resources available to attendees:

Food Pantry — Hungry but broke? Swing by our food pantry for a snack or a meal. Donations are very welcome! For every item you bring, you get a raffle ticket! (limit 5 tickets) This is at the tables across from registration.

Prom Clothes Closet — Want/need an outfit for SkeptiProm? Come see what we’ve got! Everything is free! Donations are very welcome here, too. Clean, gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc, of all types and sizes are wanted! Check it out at the tables across from registration.

Community Board — Come leave a message for a friend, say something nice, or draw a pretty picture. Everyone could use a little happiness in their lives! This is also at the tables across from registration.

Quiet Room Need a little time in a quiet setting? Head to the Sonoran room on level B!

Charging Stations — Power strips will be available in the back of the Grand Ballroom. Please bring your own charging cord, and remember to retrieve your devices! There will be no supervision, and neither Skepticon nor the Oasis will be held accountable for lost or stolen items (though we will do our darndest to help you find them!)

We love all of our attendees, and can’t wait to see you all this weekend!

Team Skepticon

PS — We love donations to our bank account, too!

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