Nothing says #SK8 like a skateboarding stegosaurus, sooooo we got you a skateboarding stegosaurus shirt! You know you want this shirt!!! Like, honestly, how have you lived this long without it in your life?

We’re now officially taking pre-orders on our Shopify Merch Store. While you’re there, you can check out some of our Skepticon 7 memorabilia- including a limited number of handmade glow globes from Skeptiprom and banners signed by SK7 speakers & organizers.

We understand that while everyone wants to help make Skepticon totes awesome, but not everyone is able to set up a monthly donation. Since the design came from a local artist and the shirts are being printed locally (details on the Shopify site) we’re able to sell the shirts for a reasonable price and still put a good chunk of change towards the event- so this is a win-win for everyone!!!! Order now to guarantee sizing and availability and we’ll also ship your shirts to you before the event in November!

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