Hey there, Skepticondlers!

On top of the amazing lectures and workshops we’ve got planned for you this weekend, we have a few other activities you can partake in!

Art Contest
Cost: $20 per canvas
When: Sales are all day Friday and Saturday morning; judging begins after the lunch break on Saturday
Where: Pay for and pick up your canvas at the merchandise booth
What: Make some art for us! For a mere $20 donation, we’ll give you an 8″ x 10″ canvas, acrylic paint, and some admittedly cheap plastic paintbrushes — feel free to bring your own good ones. You’re allowed to add anything you want to your canvas — pictures to make a collage, jewels and feathers to make it 3-D, or if you REALLY want to make Lauren happy, bring on the glitter! The only rules are the art must include one of this year’s themes: Skepticon, dinosaurs, the 80’s, and/or skate-related items. When you’re done, return it to us, and let the rest of the attendees vote for their favorite piece of work! All entries will win a prize, and everyone gets to keep their artwork. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Cost: $1 per raffle ticket, 6 tickets for $5
When: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Where: Across from registration/merchandise
What: Our storage is getting full, and we need to liquidate! Buy tickets, put your name and phone number on them, and drop them in the box for the item you want. We will be choosing the winners during the breaks between the afternoon and evening lectures, and the selection will change every day. Come check out our great selection of miscellaneous stuff fabulous treasure — you never know what you’ll find!

Skeptic Pantry & Food Drive
Cost: Nothing, if you raid your cupboard!
When: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Where: Across from registration/merchandise
What: Tis the season to feed the hungry! Bring in your non-perishable and unexpired food items, and for every item you bring in, you will receive a free raffle ticket (limit 5 tickets)! Some of our attendees cannot afford meals while at Skepticon, so we will be offering the food to those attendees who need it. Food remaining at the end of Skepticon will be donated to the local food bank.

And of course there’s…

Cost: Free!
When: Saturday 9 pm to 1 am
Where: Paradise Ballroom (formerly the workshop rooms)
What: Our new annual dance-a-palooza will knock your socks off! Dress up, dress down, dance or don’t, it’s all good at SkeptiProm! Our DJ will be playing all the hits to help you get your groove on, there will be a cash bar available for your drinking pleasure, and we’ll be selling glow sticks and other fun things to help get you all prommed up! Don’t forget to stop by the photo booth for that sweet dance photo!

We here at Skepticon want you to have the best weekend ever!!!!!


P.S. The Skepticon dinosaurs are always hungry, but every penny they eat goes back into the conference. That’s right, Skepticon runs on dino poop money. Donate if you can!

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