Today is the second installment of our Speaker Spotlight. For those of you who have been attending Skepticon since the beginning,  you’ll find some fresh new faces to get you all excited. For those of you who discovered Skepticon recently because your favorite speaker will be presenting with us, check out some of our “tenured” speakers and see what all the fuss is about. You can view any past Skepticon video on our website.

Skepticon is proud to present Ben Blanchard! Ben “SweaterVest” Blanchard is kind of a bad ass. Not the “Ben will meet you in the parking lot if you piss him off” kind of a bad ass. He’s more of the “world-traveling, child-educating, malaria-defeating, English-teaching, SSA-engaging as-he-looks-classy” kind of bad ass.

Ben is an activist who literally changes lives on a daily basis by working with the Student Secular Alliance stateside and the Pathfinders Project internationally. Ben has been all over the globe from Cambodia to Guatemala with Pathfinders, tutoring English and working with residents to develop low-impact environmental processes by encouraging respect for nature. Ben helps the SSA crew to empower students for a secular future. Go science!

Ben has agreed to waive any honorariums and fees to speak at Skepticon for free. Even still, it will cost us about $850.00 to pay for Ben’s airfare, taxis, and hotel room so that he can speak at Skepticon. If you’re excited to see him present, please consider donating to help cover the costs of getting him to Springfield, MO this November.

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