Hey there, SkeptiFriends!

Were you starting to worry we had forgotten about the beloved Skepticon T-shirts? Well, worry no more, because the shirts are a reality!

We will have a limited supply at the con for purchase, or you can order them from our Etsy SkeptiShop! Please note that there are 2 colors — choose Toast for sizes 3XL and 4XL (and S-2XL, as well.) Also, if you want to receive it in time for the con weekend, you’ll need to order like NOW, and choose express shipping.

And remember how we used to have those awesome pint glasses? They’re baaaaaaaack! (but ugh, I can’t get the pic to upload right now, so just go to our Etsy store to see them!) You can only order these through Etsy, we won’t have them at the con (sorry everyone, I fell behind on my SkeptiOrganizing this year…)

I will be adding prior year pint glasses to the Etsy store this weekend, so you can complete your collection! And just a reminder, you can buy prior year shirts too, and in lots of different colors! Here’s that link to our Etsy store again, just in case https://www.etsy.com/shop/SkeptiShop

Thank you for supporting Skepticon, and hope to see you next weekend!

Team Skepticon

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