We’re looking at a week before we have to pay for 17 speaker’s round trip flights, and exactly two months before we have to drop about ten grand on the convention center. We had some Word-Press issues with our website last week, and so our previous begging-for-money-post didn’t get a whole lot of views. #sadface …So we’re updating the numbers from last week and re-posting our heartfelt plea for donor mercy!!!! We’d like to draw your attention to the graph-a-doodle, where we’ve only raised 50% of what we need to pay for Skepticon 7. We need your help to raise $19,885.00 ASAP if we’re going to hit our goal by November. We’re up $738.00 from last week, so we’re chugging along! We think we can, we think we can!

Let me be frank. Surely there’s no doubt in OUR minds that you can raise another $19,885.00, but we need to start extra fundraising as soon as possible to make it happen by November.

“But Frank,” you say, “First off, you’ve really got to stop calling me Shirley. We talked about this last week. Second off, Frank, how are you SO CERTAIN that we can help you raise TWENTY THOUSAND dollars in only TWO months when we only raised $738.00 last week?”

Fine, Not-Shirley, I agree the joke’s not funny anymore. (was it ever?) Anyway, WE KNOW YOU WILL!!! In six years of Skepticons you guys haven’t let us down yet and we can’t imagine it happening this year either. Twenty grand is easy-peasy to do in TWO months if we just start now!

“Yeah, but I’m broke. Part of the reason I love Skepticon is because you guys keep it free to attend. I don’t have a few hundred dollars for a sponsorship or even one hundred for an ad in the program. It’s hopeless!” you retort.

This is far from hopeless!!!!! We’re not even WORRIED yet!!!! We have over 3,500 amazing Facebook fans. If just a fraction of those fans gave us $5.70 sometime within the next two months, we’d exceed our goal. Seriously! Less than six bucks and we’re golden. Think about it, and visit the donate page when you’re ready to make Skepticon 7 a reality.

We are 100% confident in you, and you look nice today!
Team Skepticon

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