So, y’all know about SkeptiProm, right? Yep, thatsa gonna be some goooood times. But we here at Skepticon want you to have even MORE FUN. We insist. So we’re having a dino painting contest! See the little pic over there —-> ? Those are the naked dinos. Your job is to make ’em fancy. Here’s how it will work:

Cost: $20 per dino.

What you get: A little (3″) ceramic dino, acrylic paint, paint brushes, palette.

What you don’t get: Anything else you want to put on your dino to jazz it up. Luckily, there’s a handy-dandy Walmart right down the street from the hotel. We’re sure they have enough glitter, feathers, sequins, and such to make your dino really pop!

Where: We’ll have a table in the vendor area.

When: Sales will be Friday morning, hopefully starting about 8-8:30. It will be first come, first served, so get there early, because we only have 12!

When (part 2): Return your dino Saturday morning so it can be judged (nicely; no trash talking the dinos!)

THIS IS THE PART FOR THE NON-ARTISTS: We will have a fancy voting system set up so you can vote for your favorite dino! We promise no hanging chads or ballot stuffing. Swing by the voting table in the vendor’s area on Saturday, and cast your vote!

Winners will be announced at SkeptiProm (and again on Sunday morning, for those who don’t go to or can’t remember SkeptiProm.)

All dino painters will win a little something, and the winning dino painter(s) will win a little bigger something. Prizes are still being sought out, but a little pterosaur told us they might include Skepticon merchandise, Surly-Ramics, and/or gift certificates. (The pterosaur also told us to tell you that if you have a little something you would like to donate as a prize, email [email protected]!)

We at Skepticon are soooo excited to have this dino painting contest! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


This activity involves minimal cost, and will actually pay for itself. However, we aren’t so lucky with the rest of the Skepticon events. We are a smidge over 2 months from the opening day, and yet we’re not even at half of our fundraising goal. If we want speakers and a venue, we need more funds. Please click here to donate if you can!



(Picture source: Oriental Trading)

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