The thing about corporations is that they have certain rules, and even little non-profits based in Missouri and secretly run by dinosaurs need to follow them. The rules aren’t terribly burdensome. They’re there to protect shareholders, and consumers, and to ensure that someone can be found who is responsible for doing the adult things like responding to legal paperwork. Ahem.

Anyhoo, one of the things to do is have an Annual Meeting. At that meeting we have to do one very important thing. We have to elect our corporate officers. In order to keep operating, we need to have a President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Other offices are optional. Another rule is that the President cannot also be the Treasurer. This is to prevent certain types of funny business with the books.

The problems are that we have to do this by the end of June, we need people willing to take on the rather unglamorous work for free, and we have to have a quorum (at least half) of the board members present. You think that’s easy, right? That’s adorable! You’ve never worked for a tiny all-volunteer non-profit before, have you? What actually happens is that people have lives, and their lives are filled with jobs that actually pay them, medical issues, family members, and certain TV shows that have long-awaited premiers. So, we do eventually get the job done, but it usually takes a few postponements. You learn to roll with it.

But I know that what you’re really here for is the spine-tingling election results, so here you go:

  • President: Lauren Lane
  • Treasurer: Rebecca Hammond
  • Secretary: Rebecca Hammond
  • Vice President in Charge of Sno-Cones™: John Notadinosaur
  • Secretary without Portfolio: Tetra Pawed
  • Wizard in Chief: Tim
  • Conference Chair Alignment Engineer: “Nudge” Elderberry

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