Hi Skepti-town!

We talked to the hotel on Saturday, and there are still rooms available! We know their website makes it look like there aren’t, but don’t believe what you see on the internet! HOWEVER:

  1. You must call them at 1-888-532-4338 in order to book a room. Mention that you’re coming to Skepticon and they’ll give you a discounted rate. Their online system doesn’t work with discount codes, so they’re making us do things the old fashioned way.
  2. Our hold on the rooms expires Thursday, October 13! After that, it is opened to the general public, and getting a room might be harder. As it is right now, we could potentially have the hotel all to our Skepticon selves. Mwah-ha-ha!

The discount rate is $83 per night for a regular room, $93 per night for a pool-side room (plus all applicable taxes, fees, first-born children, lunch money, etc.)

Hope to see you around the hotel!

Team Skepticon

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