As organizers we’ve had to do some pretty crazy things to make Skepticon happen, but our amazing donors have always pulled through in the nick of time! (we love you!!!!) However, while we’ve waited on donations each year, JT had to take out a loan on his car, Lauren shaved her head for a good cause, and others have had nervous breakdowns and become hermits in Tibet. While we’ve always been able to make Skepticon happen (and hopefully made it look easy, right?) it always happens at the last minute. We really prefer not nearly pooping our pants with stress each year. It gets embarrassing.

Totally disregarding organizer stress level, if we can purchase supplies and such-like in advance we can make your donation money go much farther. As an example, if we pay to print programs and banners on a rush order, it costs about 2x more than if we can order it online a month in advance.

Another time sensitive example: We need about 60 T-Shirt preorders to be able to fund our merchandise order. We want to be able to ship them out at the beginning of November, but if we don’t get enough orders by October we’ll have to pay about 3x more for overnight shipping to get the pre-ordered T-Shirts out before the event. You’ll also get your shirt sooner, so you can wash it, or decorate it with puff paint and glitter before SK7 and still have time for it to dry. Uh, winning!

So if you love us, AND WE KNOW YOU DO, please don’t wait to make your donation. It’ll make your dollar go farther (and therefore the amount we need/goal would actually be lower) and it’ll make the organizers lives easier. It’s hard to put on Skepticon 8 if we’re all herrmits in Tibet by 2015.

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