The first winners of our t-shirt giveaway extravaganza have been drawn: Jashin Lin and Karley Johnston… come on down and claim your prize! Please contact us via Facebook or email us at info@skepticon with your shirt size and shipping address!

Everyone else is probably super duper jealous! “How do I get MY free Skepticon 6 shirt!?” You ask.

Keep an eye on the official Skepticon Facebook and Twitter page, that’s how! We will post a specific link weekly, if you share or retweet it, you’ll be entered into that week’s drawing!!!! Yay!!! Such easy! Wow!! We may spice things up and give away other merchandise or secret surprises, so stay tuned!

If you would like to buy merch or pre-order the Skepticon 7 shirt, please visit our merch store!

Also, only 57 days to go and about 18 grand to raise, so please donate today to help feed the dinosaurs!

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