Hey Skepti-foodies!

We know our conference is a little off the beaten path when it comes to food. The Fire & Ice Restaurant is available at the hotel, Walmart is next door, and there are a few restaurants around the hotel. But we like for things to be easy for you, so we’ve arranged for some food trucks to come by!

London Calling Gourmet Pasty Company logo

London Calling Gourmet Pasty Company logo

London Calling

What: “We would love for you to come and try our handmade, hand crimped, and freshly baked Pasties (Pass-Teez). If you do not know what a pasty is then let me whet your appetite. A pasty starts with a flaky crust stuffed with meat, potatoes and vegetables. The crust is then folded and crimped to create a hand held feast!”


  • Friday – 11 am until ?
  • Saturday – Dinner
  • Sunday – 11 am until ?




Spork Express Company Logo

Spork Express

What: “Spork Express is a full service mobile kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a regional specialty or prefer international flavors, Spork Express has an eclectic mix of decadent favorites, vegetarian, vegan and healthy entrees. As long long time attendees and supporters of Skepticon, we are excited to be back this year, not only as participants but as a food vendor.”

When: Saturday – 11 am until ?


Not'cho Ordinary Taco Truck logo

Not’cho Ordinary Taco Truck logo

Not’cho Ordinary Taco

What: “Fresh ideas, fresh made tacos made for fun fresh people!”


  • Friday – 11 am until ?
  • Saturday – 11 am until ?
  • Sunday – 11 am until ?




We’re hungry just thinking about it… we’ll see you at the Skepticon 9 food trucks!

Team Skepticon

P.S. Want to keep Skepticon dinosaurs from going hungry? Donate today and feed the dinosaurs!

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