Do you feel like throwing your head whenever dancing is mentioned? Do you wish for the smooth moves of Jareth and Sarah, but end up flopping more like the Fireys? Never fear, Skepticoners! We’ve got you covered.

Friday night, after the last talk ends, join us in the Maui room for a dance tutorial! We’ll show you basics for both fast and slow dances. Depending on time and interest, we can teach East Coast swing, hustle, and cha cha for fast dances, and foxxy (the wedding dance) and rumba for slow dances. If we really have time, we’ll throw in a line dance or two!

Come with a partner or come alone. For those that are solo and comfortable with strangers, we’ll have you partner up with other solo dancers, and we’ll rotate around. These dances can also be done solo (we do it all the time in our kitchen!)

We have been taking ballroom dance lessons weekly for 3 years — we’re a long way from Dancing With the Stars, but we’ve got the basics down pat. We won’t have time to give you the smooth moves of the Goblin King, but maybe we can at least help you trade in one of your left feet!


As always, Skepticon needs your donations! We are mere DAYS away from the only skeptical conference with a prom. Donate here to keep that dance magic going!

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