Hello, Skeptifriends!

Have you always wanted a shirt from past Skepticons in a different color? Or a different size?
How about a fantastic Skepticon face mask?
Or maybe some wonderful artsy-craftsy stuff made by other Skeptifriends and donated to Skepticon to help us with fundraising?

Well, wish no longer…
Announcing SkeptiShop, our new store on Etsy!


We have connected our Printful account to our Etsy store, so you can find all your Skepticon goodies in once convenient place!

For now, proceeds from SkeptiShop go to paying off our legal debt. Yeah, we’re still doing that. We have about $17,000 left to go, in case you wondered. But someday, that debt will be paid off, and SkeptiShop proceeds will go to the conference. Someday…

This has been a work in progress for soooooo long, and we’re not done yet! We’re still working on getting more items up for your shopping happiness, but we wanted to make this announcement in time for Cyber Monday!

If you see a graphic you like but it isn’t available on a product you want, please email us at [email protected], and we’ll see what we can do to hook you up. No promises, though, because some of Printful’s products require embroidery, and our graphics aren’t embroidery capable. You can check out Printful’s product options at https://www.printful.com/custom-products

Thank you to you all for sticking around through this awful pandemic. We’re back here working on Skepticon 14, and hoping we can have it in person, so we can high five you all until our hands do that weird tingly thing like when you clap too hard for too long. We miss your faces!!!! (We promise to not high five your faces. That’s called slapping, and we don’t do that, unlike some people we know...)

Now go buy things at SkeptiShop!

Team Skepticon

PS — Don’t wanna buy stuff but still want to support Skepticon? You can do that at https://skepticon.org/donate/

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