Hey Skepticondlers!

Open space technology is coming to Skepticon! Hosted by Benny Vimes, this self-organizing event will allow skepticon attendees an opportunity to bring the issues and subjects they consider most important to the skeptical and freethinking communities. Expect lively conversations and copious opportunities to learn.

If you have ever wanted to give a talk at a conference like Skepticon, this is your chance! Begin preparing your talk as soon as possible, as well prepared and practiced talks will be most successful.

If you have a great idea for a workshop, bring your great idea to The Skepticun! This is a great chance to test out a new workshop idea, or to try running one for the first time.

That discussion topic you’re aching to sit down and chat about with other skeptics and freethinkers? Perfect for The Skepticun! Bring your passions and ideas and you will have a chance to explore them here.

At 11am on Friday those attending The Skepticun will meet and self-organize our schedule for the day. It is HIGHLY recommended that you arrive by 11am to participate in this event. The Skepticun will then run until 5pm Friday afternoon.

Looking forward to enjoying this new experience with you!

Team Skepticon

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