AHHHHH!!!! FREAK OUT!!!! There is only ONE MONTH UNTIL SKEPTICON!!!!! We don’t mean to scare you, but there is really and truly only a month left until Skepticon 7!!!!!

Well, we suppose you Skeptipeople are probably a lot more excited than freaked out. AS YOU SHOULD BE!!!! We have SO MUCH going on for you guys this year, and things are cruising right along here at Skepticon HQ. We’ve ordered your t-shirts, we’re getting brochures printed, and we’re starting to get shipments of supplies for Skeptiprom and the Cards Against Humanity Game Night. We’re in contact with the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks for the blood drive, the Live Action Society for some sweet NERF action, and the Fire & Ice bartenders for some spectacular Skepti-themed drinks.

BUT GUYS, that’s not even the coolest part!!!! We are over 75% of our goal! We’re currently sitting at $30,557 donated to Skepticon 7!! That’s THE BEST we’ve ever done by October of any Skepticon EVER. You guys ROCK OUR SOCKS OFF!!! However, that still puts us $9,443 short of the $40,000 we need to make magic happen… So there’s that. Please consider helping us make the conference way better for YOU than ever before, and donate asap! 

We’re also wrapping up things with our Sponsors, Vendors, and Workshop presenters. If you happen to be one of those, please make sure you have your donations, art assets, or other thingies to us by this Friday the 24th!!! As much as we hate the idea, we do have to have a cut off date eventually so we can focus our efforts on the NEXT big thing. We’ll be sending out receipts for vendor tables, so if you don’t have one by Thursday night, you should PROBABLY e-mail us to see what’s up….

With your help, we’ve got this, guys. And on that note… I leave you with this: FREAK IN!


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