Matt Dillahunty

While he says he’s perfectly happy be introduced as “that asshole from Texas” we think he’s way more awesome than just that! Matt’s a great speaker who has used fun card tricks to teach us super skeptic lessons, gives cool tips on debates, and plays a metric ton of video games. He’s  also the host of The Atheist Experience, former  President of the Atheist Community of Austin, contributor on a ton of podcasts, and founder and content creator for Atheist Debates.

PZ Myers

A veteran of the Skepticon conference, PZ (Which stands for Paul Zachary–thanks Wikipedia!) has been here since day one after we plied him with a pirate hat and beer. He regularly blogs over at Pharyngula and can be found at the University of Minnesota, Morris teaching the next generation about biology and how to piss off the religious right. Also, he hates crackers and loves squids–please do not confuse the two. He once rode a dinosaur. Here are his yootubes and tweetar to get the full experience.