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Bo Bennett

Jamie DeWolf

Mary Anne Franks

Fallon Fox

Sikivu Hutchinson

Nathanael Johnson

Sam Kean

Destin Sandlin

Kavin Senapathy

Justin Vollmar


Skepticon is an annual skeptics convention set in Springfield, Missouri.


Skepticon 8 will be held the weekend of November 13th–15th, 2015


Skepticon 8 will be held at the Ramada Oasis Hotel and Convention Center!

Final Speaker for Sk8 a Journalist, Essayist, Poet, and Much More!

Final Speaker for Sk8 a Journalist, Essayist, Poet, and Much More!

Meet Teka-Lark Fleming!

Teka-Lark Fleming is a journalist, essayist, poet and independent publisher. She is the founder of the Blk Grrrl Book Fair and is the host and producer of the Blk Grrrl Show, a cultural and news web series. She is also the founder and publisher of the radical community newspaper the Morningside Park Chronicle (MPC) and the BrickBat Revue Broadsheet. The MPC is a print newspaper that covers South Central LA and Inglewood and the BrickBat Revue is a broadsheet that covers poetry and art.

She is a segment producer on KPFK’s Feminist Magazine. Her writing has appeared in the LA Weekly, Ebony, Counterpunch, Time, LA Streetsblog and Zócalo Public Square. She was formerly the Tracks columnist at LA City Beat. Tracks discussed race, transportation and urban planning. She is a proud alumna of Mount St. Mary’s College, the best little women’s college in the west. She lives in the neighborhood of Morningside Park in Inglewood, California with her catfish.

To get to know more about Teka-Lark, check out her website and Twitter!

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