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Skepticon is an annual skeptics convention set in Springfield, Missouri.


Skepticon 7 is the weekend of  November 21st–23rd 2014


Skepticon 7 will be held at  The Ramada Oasis in Springfield, MO!

You can call them at (417) 866-5253 or toll free at 1-888-532-4338 to make your reservation over the phone. Be sure to mention that you are there for Skeption 7 to get the discounted rate!

Speaker Lineup Change: MATT DILLAHUNTY

Speaker Lineup Change: MATT DILLAHUNTY

We have a last minute schedule change to announce! Matt Dillahunty will be taking over the time slot at 9:00pm on Friday night! We’re very excited to have Matt back with us for Skepticon!!! While he says he’s perfectly happy be introduced as “that asshole from Texas” we think he’s way more awesome than just that! Matt’s a great speaker who has used fun card tricks to teach us super skeptic lessons, gives cool tips on debates, and plays a metric ton of video games.

He’s  also the host of The Atheist Experience, former  President of the Atheist Community of Austin, contributor on a ton of podcasts, and founder and content creator for Atheist Debates. We’re thrilled to have Matt with us, and if you’re thrilled too, please consider donating to Skepticon as we’re still a bit shy of our goal!! OMG SKEPTICON IS SO SOOOOOOON!!!!

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