Pronouns: they/them she/her

Sister Marjorie Arcana (Jadis Belle Rose), really started their sister journey when
they were a teen celebrating pride in Seattle Washington. Their first exposure was
to a sister walking in the parade, this sister was holding up a mirror to the crowd
exclaiming YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU ARE LOVED. She was enamored by the
makeup and by them dressing as nuns and knew she had to know more. From there
she rain into Sister Unity on YouTube and spent many late nights listening to her
fairy tales, talks and stories. Many times, those videos helped Marjorie understand
and get a grip on their sexuality and gender identity while navigating school and
daily life. From there Sister Marjorie decided to step up and start a Gay Straight
Alliance in their high school and even helped organize the schools first Day of

Soon after, Sister Marjories’ family moved to Missouri, and she had to finish out
high school while trying to live as an out and proud genderfluid person. This was
not easy in Missouri, and she knew that there was a lot of work to be done. In
Missouri she joined with the already existing Gay Straight Alliance and helped the
group educate and spread that knowledge throughout the school. When Sister
Marjorie entered adulthood, they never forgot the sisterhood and started seeking
out a way to join, keeping Sister Unitys’ stories and sense of strength in mind. That’s
when she met Fourth City Sisters! She was accepted into the house and worked to
earn her fully professed status through her table talks and online education videos
during the pandemic. She also worked closely with her place of work to spread
tolerance and even helped educate the Human Resources department on Trans
rights and terminology. They later published her in their newsletter during pride
month and even got notice from the president of the company which she cherishes
to this day. Sister Marjorie ended up going rogue seeing as there was work to be
done in other communities and stayed friends with Fourth City Sisters while getting
to know SOIL!

​ Sister Marjorie was invited into the SOIL household 04/30/22 during prom and
absolutely said yes, (cause secretly she was always a dirty little hoe.) while being
given flowers and a card in a special moment she will never forget. Sister Marjorie is
known for her love of Tarot, hugs, mysticism, cheesecake, her community, and
Boston Terriers! Her sister mission is to make and keep safe space for others, so they
know that they are beautiful, loved, and safe as they are.