Nikki Jane born Jessica Nicole is a activist, artist, and writer currently residing in Kansas City, MO.


Jane is a BLM activist, and spoke on the movement at Skepticon in 2016. Newer to activism she was inspired to speak out against racism after the death of Mike Brown in 2014. Her activism focuses on feminism, racism, mass incarceration, sex worker rights/safety, de-stigmatizing mental illness, and eating disorder awareness.


While living in Joplin, MO she co-founded a local intersectional feminist group, Joplin Intersectional Feminism. During her time there she helped organize and plan film viewing fundraiser of the critically acclaimed 13th for a local black history group. In March she appeared on an episode of Danielle Muscato’s podcast Resist where she spoke on BLM, sex worker rights, and vegetarianism.


She plans to further her studies at a university in Kansas City next year while studying graphic design and film making.


You can find her on Twitter & Instagram: @blvckberri