Pronouns: he/him

Fr. Alan, a founding Companion, serves as Provost to The Companions of Dorothy the
Worker. Fr. Alan is a bi-vocational priest who holds a secular position in human services
and resides in Saint Louis, Missouri. After ordination to the priesthood, he has served
various churches / religious organizations in The United States as well as Central and
South America in both Old Catholic and ISM communities. As a theologian, Fr. Alan
now serves as the Administrative Director of Institute Sophia in Saint Louis, Missouri.

In January of 2023, Fr. Alan was received back into the Episcopal Church as a
communicant at Christ Church Cathedral in the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri.

Prior to seminary, Fr. Alan worked for a major provider of behavioral health services in
the greater San Francisco Bay Area where he discerned a call to attend seminary with
the intent to learn new ways of helping individuals and communities develop questions
of meaning and methods of meaning-making in relation to those questions.

Having completed his Bachelor of Arts at New College of California, he then enrolled at
The Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California to begin his master's level
studies. This created many opportunities for research and travel at noted universities
including Oxford University and The University of Winchester. In addition to his Bachelor
of Arts, Fr. Alan holds a Master of Arts in Leadership from New College of California, a
Master of Divinity from Starr King School for The Ministry, a member school of the GTU,
and a Master of Philosophy from The University of Winchester.