Dr. David Gorski, who in real life is a breast cancer surgeon and researcher at Wayne State University, serves as the managing editor of the popular blog, Science-Based Medicine  where he and his co-bloggers, whose numbers include founder Steve Novella, regularly discuss the interface between science and medicine, as well as how medicine is corrupted by the introduction of pseudoscience. Having gotten his skeptical start battling Holocaust deniers on Usenet back in the late 1990s, Dr. Gorski also maintains his own blog under the pseudonym Orac, where his output is a lot more…insolent.

Insolent or not, he remains bewildered that so many readers want to read his regular blathering and even more bewildered that anyone, much less organizers of a conference as awesome as Skepticon, wants to see him speak in person about his usual topic of how pseudoscience is infiltrating even academic medicine.