Daniel Bier is the editor of The Skeptical Libertarian. The Skeptical Libertarian is a project to promote science, secularism, and skeptical inquiry in the libertarian movement. He personally writes on issues relating to science, skepticism, and economic freedom, focusing on the role of evolution in social and economic development.

“Instead of trying to silence or ignore the crazies in our midst, we ought to confront them and expose the lunatic fringe for what they really are: peddlers of fear, falsehood, and paranoia, just like the politicians they claim to oppose. We cannot sit passively next to the people in tinfoil hats screaming about chemtrails and FEMA camps and still expect to be listened to when we try to speak about our real concerns on foreign policy or personal liberty.”

When he’s not debating the crazies and exposing some downright sketchy things the government is up to, Daniel likes to perfect his underwater basket-weaving technique. Normally he’s busy doing things like working as researcher for a free market think tank in Washington, DC, appearing on Fox Business and Al Jazeera, and contributing to The FreemanThe CommentatorReason, and more. However, when given the opportunity, he likes to take long walks on the beach and drink pina coladas. He dislikes being caught in the rain.