Heina Dadabhoy

Heina Dadabhoy is a writer/blogger/speaker/woman of many talents. She puts those talents to good use in advocating things near and dear to her heart. We suspect she's actually a Time Lord. Why? She certainly HAS to have at least two hearts to have so many different topics be that "near and dear" to her heart(s)! Her some of her personal favorites are Islam, feminism, deconversion, and attempting to answer the question of why a good God would permits the manifestation of evil. That's called theodicy for those of you looking to build your Scrabble vocabulary. She just successfully ran a campaign to fund A Skeptic’s Guide to Islam, from Pitchstone Publishing, intending to educate those without a Muslim background on Islam. She actively presents and blogs on socially significant topics such as evolution, Internet trolling, beauty scams, female scientists, gender differences, rape in Dubai, women at geeky conferences (is that about us? are we geeky, Heina???), Time Lord history, and being an ex-Muslim. She's coming back to Skepticon, only this time on the main stage, and nothing but a disaster with the space-time vortex could keep us away!

This year Heina will also be conducting a workshop called:

Becoming & Being One of the Cool Kids Online

"The Internet is the primary means by which secular and skeptic types tend to communicate, organize, debate, and meet. There may be no hard-and-fast rules, but there are plenty of strategies for every context and person. This workshop will cover ideas for how to be ready for almost anything that comes your way online as well as methods by which to ensure other people come your way online.

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