Skepticon Donors are THE BESTEST EVER

OMGGGGGGGGGGG you guys are amazing! You fantastic Skepticonites donated OVER ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS on the first day of registration!!!!! That’s HUGE! We are so overwhelmed with mushy feelings for all of you and how generous you are! To give you an idea of how much of an impact this has on Skepticon 7, the cool little slidey-bar-thingamagig went up 5% on the donation page in just one day! As of today, we’ve received over $8,000.00 towards Skepticon 7 out of the $40,000.00 goal. That’s almost enough to pay for the airfare for our speakers!

Step 1: Get Speakers to Springfield – NEARLY COMPLETE!

Step 2: Pay for venue so they have a place to speak: PENDING.

Step 3: Non-Profit Event!

If you haven’t registered, make sure you get over to the registration page ASAP. If you wonderful people keep donating at the rate you did today, we’ll be able to fully fund all the cool ideas we have for people who pre-registered! We mathed it out- if every attendee donated about $25.00 we would be able to do everything we’ve dreamed up for you all. If you’re not able to donate, that’s ok, we’re always FREE! We’d love to see you regardless of how much money you can give, and if you want to help out in other ways, let us know you’d like to volunteer at the event.  GET HYPE!!!

Skepticon 7 Registration Approaches!

Dear Skepticonlovers,

We are counting down the days until we will officially open Skepticon 7 registration on July 25th! Do you self-identify as a Totally Responsible Skepticon Attendee? You’ll definitely want to register this year as we have some super duper ideas in the works for our registrants.

Keep an eye out for the link next Friday!

Don’t forget, registration software isn’t free, so if you want to support Skepticon and help keep it one of the best (and most definitely the weirdest) conventions around, donate today and help us feed the dinosaurs.

We’re so excited to see you all in the fall!



Marie wearing a chef's hat.

The New Skepticon Diet Revolution has arrived!

The much expected, eminently anticipated, greatly awaited moment you loyal Skeptonites have been waiting for is here! The New Skepticon Diet Revolution has arrived! This is the probably-works method to lose weight, detoxify your spirit and cleanse your mind by cooking with proven ancient Hunnic traditions. Genghis Khan has thrown his full endorsement behind this project. The New Skepticon Diet Revolution contains recipes by your favorite Skepticon organizers, previous speakers and upcoming speakers that will appear at Skepticon 7. In addition to billions and billions of amazing recipes, give or take a few shitty ones, you will possess the believable back story for The Cursed Great Tome of Feeding, which we lovingly refer to as The New Skepticon Diet Revolution.

The New Skepticon Diet Revolution, a.k.a. The Cursed Great Tome of Feeding or “that crappy cookbook”, was anonymously submitted to the Skepticon Headquarters in Springfield, MO. The circumstances were a little fishy, and the document itself might be slightly cursed.

Download below for details!

It will change your life in some way.

It will change your life in some way.

PDF – Download: PDFs can be read by just about any device, whether you use an Android tablet, an iPad or view it on your desktop using Adobe Reader. This file is set to print well on 8.5 x 11 standard office paper.

MOBI – Download: This MOBI file is set to display and flow correctly on any number of devices that support the format, namely the Amazon Kindle and its kind.

EPUB – Download: The EPUB works great on a whole other slew of other e-readers or tablets that don’t support MOBI or PDF. If your e-reader isn’t an Amazon Kindle you’ll likely need the EPUB.

Also we’re hosting an arbitrary contest. Please submit your 500 word book report on The New Skepticon Diet Revolution to us at [email protected] before July 31, 2014. One entry will be randomly selected and you will win a free Skepticon t-shirt (and maybe some other swag if it was really awesome). We’ll post the best (if not all) of the entries on the blog at a later date. If you loved the recipes or got a kick out of the cheesy jokes, please help support more awful Skepticon humor by making a donation to support Skepticon 7!

Marie wearing a chef's hat.

Skepticon is Really Heating Things Up, Cookbook Style!

We’re wrapping up our cookbook fundraiser this week. If you haven’t gotten in on the action yet, now is your last chance! We delayed a bit so we could sneak in a few more recipes before we hit the magic save button.

For the past few weeks, Skepticon has been compiling a sweet cookbook filled with recipes from all your favorite speakers and organizers. And we want to add yours to the collection! If you’re a Dino Club member, a past speaker, or created a new donation in the last month, you have gotten an email from me asking for your recipe. (If you haven’t seen it, you should probably go check your spam folder) If you know you qualify and can’t find yours, shoot us an email with your recipe and we’ll get it added, you procrastinator, you.

If you haven’t donated yet we know you might be thinking “Why would I give you money for this thing if I can just screengrab it and enjoy delicious eats?” Easy, you are donating to be a part of this once in lifetime very super special cookbook alongside your favorite speakers! Just imagine your delicious recipe on a page for all to see right next to Greta’s Fabulous Frittatas. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Donate $5 or more and you’re golden!

Of course, once the compilation is complete, we’ll have it available for free to download (because what can we say? We like free things.) However, please remember that all of your donations go directly to making your favorite convention happen, so join in on the fun and donate today!

Holy Donkeyballs Skepticon Nearly A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charity

Skepticon is totally on its way to official IRS recognition as a charity!

Your friendly neighborhood number-cruncher here! After many moons of trials & tribulation, drinking, crying, and finally the assistance of the mostest greatest CPA in the world… we have all the paperwork for our 501(c)(3) status packed up and ready to ship!!! It was a very long time coming, but it turns out incorporation and taxes are generally something that the volunteer organizers (who consist of 4 art degrees, 1 mathematics, 1 nursing, 1 business, 2 college drop outs and a cat) generally don’t handle.

It was really, really hard and if any other organizations are thinking about being nonprofit charities, you seriously need to talk to a financial professional, invest heavily into quickbooks, lots of beer, and save every receipt ever. Three years and two failed solo attempts later, we are shipping off the final 46 pages of paperwork and an $850 check.


What in the world is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) status, you ask? Those are the silly numbers the IRS has arbitrarily assigned to an Educational Public Charity. Yeah, that’s right, I used it as a proper noun. That’s how excited I am. Anyway, as an Educational Public Charity, we’ll be able to do the following awesome things:

  • Apply (and hopefully receive) for Education-related grants
  • Not pay sales tax. This helps your money stretch further. Example: Over $1,000 in tax for the venue alone last year. Shipping, printing, plane tickets, and more all add up.
  • Get on state and federal level websites that list charities to get new donors
  • Send you awesome donors letters that might get you tax deductions

A What?

Yeah, that’s right. I said tax deductions. The moment you’ve been waiting six long years for: donating to your favorite convention should be tax deductible! Now, a caveat, we have to be approved for it, and you should probably talk to your mostest greatest CPA in the world (we call ours Cool Rebecca. No, it’s not me.) to make sure your donation can be deducted from your personal taxes… but I can see no way that this could go wrong!

We are requesting that the IRS approve our tax exempt super awesome charity status all the way back to July of 2012. If you are one of our fabulous donors, once we have the official word, we’ll send you a letter acknowledging your awesomeness and your donation amount. You might want to hang on to that.

If you’re planning to do any sort of amendment to your tax return and need it ASAP, shoot us an email at [email protected] Now that you can get back when you give, what are you waiting for? Click that donate button!!!