Skepticon 8 t-shirt design mock up that consists of the profile of a stegosaurus doing a skateboarding trick on a skateboard that is placed on the body of headless person to show what it will look like when worn.

Skepticon 8 Shirt Pre-Order HAPPENING NOW

Nothing says #SK8 like a skateboarding stegosaurus, sooooo we got you a skateboarding stegosaurus shirt! You know you want this shirt!!! Like, honestly, how have you lived this long without it in your life?

We’re now officially taking pre-orders on our Shopify Merch Store. While you’re there, you can check out some of our Skepticon 7 memorabilia- including a limited number of handmade glow globes from Skeptiprom and banners signed by SK7 speakers & organizers.

We understand that while everyone wants to help make Skepticon totes awesome, but not everyone is able to set up a monthly donation. Since the design came from a local artist and the shirts are being printed locally (details on the Shopify site) we’re able to sell the shirts for a reasonable price and still put a good chunk of change towards the event- so this is a win-win for everyone!!!! Order now to guarantee sizing and availability and we’ll also ship your shirts to you before the event in November!

Skepticon 8 t-shirt design mock up that consists of the profile of a stegosaurus doing a skateboarding trick

#SK8 T-Shirt Pre-Orders Launching Labor Day Weekend!

As our intern says, “Oh my cheese that shirt is so cool!”

Our intern is the hippest kid we know, so if a shirt design tests well with him, we know it’s going places. Here’s your next hint on what the shirt design for Skepticon 8 is looking like… and it’s totally tubular, dudes.

Want in on this radical design? We’re running a pre-order for about a month and then we’ll ship em’ out to you before SK8 happens. More details to come!!!! GET HYPE!!!

Totally Awesome Skepticon Merch is Back in Action

Check out Skepticon’s Shopify site! It’s been down for the count for a few months, but it’s back in action and stronger than ever! You superstars pretty much bought us out of t-shirts and glassware at the event itself (there ARE still a few shot glasses up for sale), but we have some things that we’ve never tried selling before! Go the distance, be a contender, buy some stuff!!!! Check out the merchandise montage!!!!!

The SIGNED SK7 Podium Banner  (OMGeeeez!!!)

Skeptiprom Glow Globes!

Skeptiprom Glow Globes painted by Surly Amy!

Skepticon 6 & 7 Banners!

P.S. If you want us to make more cool stuff with glitter and paint for SK8, you can also make a donation for the coming year’s fun!

Father’s Day Incoming!

It’s not to late to use our Amazon Smile Link to help out Skepticon if you’ve procrastinated on buying your daddy an epic dinosaur related Father’s Day gift,! Remember, if you sign in to this link- -a portion of what you spent on dear ol’ dad will be donated to Skepticon!!!! You can find exactly the same sweet stuff, and you’ll pay exactly the same amount, but Skepticon gets free dollars! Wahooooo!!!!

Don’t forget about your poppa on June 21st, and don’t forget to help out Skepticon! If you’ve already got this dad-day stuff on lock and his present is already nicely wrapped, you can always just donate directly to help the SK8 cause!!!

If you need help brainstorming on a gift, the Skepticon HQ dads came up with some suggestions for ya!

amazon smile



Dad’s Dinosaur Day book

Grimlock Dinobot Action Figure

Original Jurassic Park on Blu-Ray

Latex Dinosaur Mask


We at Skepticon HQ would hereby like to encourage you to buy a bunch of stuff online- we’re all signed up for Amazon Smile! According to their FAQ, AmazonSmile is a “simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you.” No kidding- all you have to do is change your link to instead of the usual… select Skepticon as your charity of choice… and THEN Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to us!!!!! ERMERGHERD!

Like for realizies, all of you who suggested this to us? Geniuses. The rest of you? Badasses that can donate to Skepticon without using any more dollars than you already planned!!!! (Though, you are certainly welcome to donate more the regular way if you wanna- we’ve got a ways to go for SK8!)

The flaw we can possibly forsee is that this product is no longer available. So close.

Speaker Lineup Change: MATT DILLAHUNTY

We have a last minute schedule change to announce! Matt Dillahunty will be taking over the time slot at 9:00pm on Friday night! We’re very excited to have Matt back with us for Skepticon!!! While he says he’s perfectly happy be introduced as “that asshole from Texas” we think he’s way more awesome than just that! Matt’s a great speaker who has used fun card tricks to teach us super skeptic lessons, gives cool tips on debates, and plays a metric ton of video games.

He’s  also the host of The Atheist Experience, former  President of the Atheist Community of Austin, contributor on a ton of podcasts, and founder and content creator for Atheist Debates. We’re thrilled to have Matt with us, and if you’re thrilled too, please consider donating to Skepticon as we’re still a bit shy of our goal!! OMG SKEPTICON IS SO SOOOOOOON!!!!

If You Missed Out On a Room at the Ramada- You Have ONE LAST SHOT

We’re running a short fundraiser to give everyone a chance to get the last open rooms at the Ramada Hotel, which adjoins the Convention Center! Same deal as usual, donate any amount via this button and be entered into a drawing!!! (Please use this button specifically, any other donations will not be counted as we will assume you’re happy with where you’re staying)

[button link=”” color=”teal” newwindow=”yes”] Donate for Hotel Room Auction![/button]

Here’s the deets:
If you’ll remember, we upgraded one lucky fellow to the Executive Suite at the Ramada, and coincidentally another reservation was switched around, so there are actually TWO “Courtyard King” suites available. To prevent chaos and to motivate some sweet sweet donations, we’re allowing you to put in your bid for the open rooms! Donate between NOW and Thursday the 13th at Midnight for your chance to win! If you’re one of the winners, we’ll have the Ramada set up the reservation under your name, but you’ll have to call in with Credit Card information. We will select the winners on Friday the 14th so you’ll have a week ahead of time to finalize your arrangements. We won’t be announcing the names of the winners online- so please keep an eye on your email in case you win!

Here’s the reason you want to enter:
The Ramada has an adjoined hotel and convention center. If you have a hotel room you can park your car at the hotel and literally stay put the whole weekend. Missouri’s weather this time of year can be a little crazy- but you’ll miss it entirely. We have the Fire & Ice Bar & Grill, a snack bar, food trucks, and room service available to you for food. If you attend every event, talk, workshop, games, dancing, etc that we have scheduled for the weekend, you’re going to sleep like a baby. Also, did we mention that you won’t need a designated driver?

If you already have your room reserved and you’d like to help us meet our $40,000 goal, please use this link to donate!


May I have your attention please: the winner of the LARGEST GIVEAWAY SKEPTICON HAS EVER DONE…. is


Steven Solomon!!!!! 

CONGRATULATIONS, STEVEN! You now get to live like royalty for the weekend in the Executive Suite of the Ramada Oasis Hotel! The room normally costs $180 A NIGHT, so this is the biggest prize Skepticon’s ever given!!!! The Executive King Suite is beautifully decorated and offers a king bed, living area, two 55” SMART TV’s, IPOD Docking Station, Keurig Coffee Maker, Refrigerator, stocked mini-bar, Mirror with LCD TV and a jetted tub.  (we’re not paying for your booze, but it’s there if you want it lol) We’ve already requested that the Ramada change over your room, but please let us know if you have any questions by dropping us a line at [email protected] !

Everyone else, don’t be jealous! If you were one of the awesome Skeptinauts that helped us raise nearly one THOUSAND dollars during this fundraiser, we’re putting that money right back into your event! The Ramada was gracious enough to upgrade Steven’s room for free, so that entire chunk of money is going into making SK7 the most bad-ass event we’ve ever put on! However, since we are still shy of our goal, so we’ll be doing some more fundraising. Stay tuned or donate here!


Spiffy Speaker Spotlight: Kayley Whalen

Last, but absolutely not least in the Skepticon 7 line-up is our speaker Kayley Whalen! Kayley  is a queer activist and writer whose work has appeared in the Huffington Post, the Lambda-Award winning anthology Gender Outlaws the Next GenerationThe Humanist magazine and numerous blogs. She is a vocal atheist, drug policy reformer, and proud geek! As if she weren’t busy enough with all that, Kayley is the Digital Strategies and Social Media Manager at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and she volunteers with Casa Ruby LGBT Community Center, and is on the Board of Directors of Ingersoll Gender Center.

As a multiracial white and Latina transgender woman, Kayley Whalen is excited about building an intersectional atheist and queer social justice movement. A childhood fascination with Isaac Asimov, rocketry and Air & Space magazine led her to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. There, she built and entered robots in Botball competitions, which she funded by baking pies. While she initially studied engineering at Rice University, she graduated Swarthmore College with a degree in English Literature and Women’s Studies in 2007. Kayley skated with the DC Rollergirls All-Stars under the name “Lenore Gore.”  Although she no longer builds robots or plays roller derby, she still loves science, baking, and can totally kick your ass at yoga. She’s very excited to be a part of Skepticon, and we’re overjoyed to have her!!!!

If you’re as enthusiastic about Kayley speaking as we are, please help us finish funding Skepticon!!! We’re getting alarmingly (well, alarming for the organizers, exciting for the attendees) close to November 21 and we’re still several thousand dollars short of what we need to make this thing happen!

Please, oh please, oh please- make a donation and help us get Kayley and the other sixteen speakers down to Springfield, MO for the GREATEST FREE CONFERENCE IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!