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Latest Sk8 Speaker is President of EXMNA

Introducing Muhammad Syed! Muhammad is a resident of the DC Metro area. Due to the desire to better understand his faith, he embarked on a long period of research and study culminating in the inevitable conclusion that Islam like other religions was nothing more than... read more

Now Revealing a Speaker for Sk8 Who Ran a Church!

Welcome Justin Vollmar! Raised in a strict Christian sect known as the Independent Fundamental Baptists, Justin was a born-again, washed-in-blood Christian. He attended the Capital Baptist Deaf College, where he graduated with an unaccredited bachelor’s degree in... read more

Totally Awesome Skepticon Merch is Back in Action

Check out Skepticon’s Shopify site! It’s been down for the count for a few months, but it’s back in action and stronger than ever! You superstars pretty much bought us out of t-shirts and glassware at the event itself (there ARE still a few shot... read more

Father’s Day Incoming!

It’s not to late to use our Amazon Smile Link to help out Skepticon if you’ve procrastinated on buying your daddy an epic dinosaur related Father’s Day gift,! Remember, if you sign in to this link- -a portion of... read more

Additional Speaker Name Released!

It’s us, again Skepticoners! Can you believe that we are almost halfway through our speaker list? Let’s learn more about this year’s lineup! Say Hello To: Sam Kean! Sam Kean spent years collecting mercury from broken thermometers as a kid, and now... read more

Sk8 Speaker Name Released!

Happy Hump Day, Skepticoners! Let’s get to it and learn about another amazing speaker for Skepticon 8! Introducing: Nathanael Johnson! Nathanael Johnson is a journalist who lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter. He is the food writer for Grist, and... read more

Speaker Name Released for Sk8!

Happy Monday, Skepticon lovers! To help lift your spirits, let’s learn the name of another totally cool and outright awesome speaker that will be joining us for Sk8!: Introducing: Jamie DeWolf! With a long ranging career began in his teens, Jamie first became... read more

New Speaker For Sk8!

Happy Friday, Skepticontown! We here at Skepticon HQ are happy to announce another (super friggin’ amazing) speaker for this year: Introducing Kavin Senapathy! Kavin is a quack-fighting mom who contributes to Grounded Parents, Genetic Literacy Project, and... read more

Second Speaker Name Revealed for SK8!

Happy Wednesday, Skepticoners! Are you ready to learn another speaker name? Well, we hope that’s a yes! Introducing Our Second Speaker for Skepticon 8: Sikivu Hutchinson! Sikivu Hutchinson is an American feminist, atheist and author. She is the author of Godless... read more

First Speaker Name Revealed for SK8!

Skepticontown! June is here! Let’s learn about the amazing speakers we have for Sk8! Introducing Our First Speaker for Skepticon 8: Fallon Fox! Fallon Fox is a professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter specializing in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and... read more

Registration for Skepticon 8 Now Open!

Hello Skepticon lovers! CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT HERE TO REGISTER FOR SKEPTICON! We know that Skepticon 8 is 6 months away, but we can hardly stand it! We want to see you all again! In the coming weeks we’re going to start announcing speakers and this year, for the... read more

Sk8 Venue Released!

Hello Skepticoners! We here at SKHQ are happy to announce the venue for Sk8: The Oasis Hotel and Convention Center! You may remember it’s glittery floors and wonderfully fake palm trees from last year. We loved the new venue and we hope you do, too! You can use... read more

April Showers Bring…uh…an APRIL FUNDRAISER!

Hello Skepticontown! April is here and we’re happy to announce another fabulous fundraiser coming your way! This month, anyone who donates using the donation button below enters for a chance to win a signed copy of David Fitzgerald’s The Complete... read more

Join the Dino Club and Be AMAZEBANANAS!

Hello Skepticontown! We here at Skepticon HQ are happy to publicly announce DINO CLUB! Dino Club is a group of totally amazing people who donate monthly to help keep Skepticon running. In return for their generous donations, these absolutely amazing badasses receive... read more